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Hosting services is the primary objective of any network/server in order to exploit the computing potential of the systems. Being an autonomous and complete in itself network, IIITA intranet hosts all kind of services inside INDEMICA. Mainly services are running on Open Source O/S platforms (LINUX) but depending on need any platform is/could be implemented. Various LINUX flavours (DEBIAN, REDHAT, SuSE, FADORA, UBUNTU etc.) have been installed and configured for certain specific service. INDEM poudly aclaims that these services have been implemented and maintained by purely in-house expertise and resources.

Every year services get updated with latest versions of operating system and the packages under execution.

These services attract more than millions of hits per month, which itself certify the usefulness and reliability of services hosted on IIITA LAN. Reliability of services is the key focus for INDEM and regourous efforts need to invest in order to maintain high expectations of users.


  • Mailbox size: 1 GB to faculty, 750 MB to Officers, 500 MB to Staff, 250 MB to Students, 0 MB to Alumni
  • Alumni mails forwarding to their present email registered on LDAP
  • Interface to alumni/account registration
  • Interface for alias setting
  • LDAP authentication
  • Corrier IMAP + SMTP implementation
  • IMAP/POP3 client protocols
  • 1 TB storage on NAS
  • Squirrelmail web interface


www.iiita.ac.in & website.iiita.ac.in
  • Notification, news, tenders, enquiries
  • Web profiles of IIITians (faculty, students)
  • Courses on offer and fee structure
  • Semester wise syllabus of each program
  • Placements and facilitites
  • Quick Access to Internal Notices
  • Links to various websites (INDEST, IRCB, Library, Telephone Directory etc.)
  • IIITA Forums
  • Photo gallery of the Institute
  • Birthday Reminders


  • Tinydns implementation on SuSE linux 10.0
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • Alternate DNS:


  • Squid implementation on Debian, RedHat 5.3 linux
  • Proxy for browsing gmail, google, yahoo (messanger): (ERNET line)
  • Proxy for browsing other websites: (BSNL lines)
  • Proxy for hostels: (BSNL lines)
  • Proxy auto script: http://www.iiita.ac.in/proxy.pac


  • IPTABLES implementation for deny all on RedHat 5.3 Linux
  • Central firewall:
  • CC1 firewall:
  • CC2 firewall:
  • Boys hostel firewall:


  • IP address:
  • 50 MB storage space on 1 TB IP-SAN volume
  • APACHE + PHP + MySQL environment on RedHat 5.3 linux
  • FTP and ssh protocol to access
  • LDAP authentication for IIIT account holder


  • IP address:
  • Repository of licensed software for Intranet users
  • Repository of freeware software for Intranet users
  • 2 TB storage space on IP-SAN
  • FTP access on LDAP authentication


  • IP address:
  • Pure in-house impelementation on Windows 2008 platform
  • Windows media encoder and streaming service
  • Streaming over multiple bit rates
  • Online help through chatting during webcast
  • Round the clock streaming of archived materials
  • Access over RTSP, MMS and HTTP protocols
  • On demand streaming of proprietary study materials/lecture videos


  • IP address:
  • Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 10.0 implementation on Windows 2003 platform
  • Auto updation of virus definition on scheduled intervals
  • Auto pushing of virus definition on registered client computers
  • Antivirus solution for Intranet hosts only
  • Auto generation of activity logs and monitoring reports
  • Alert on virus infection and real time file system scanning


  • Students chit-chat site
  • Knowledge sharing, opinion poles and discussion
  • Various threads on academic topics, ongoing events
  • LDAP authentication for IIITA account holders
  • Managed by student body

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