I N D E M @ I I I T A

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To make functional and manageable network, servers are used. Servers are also used to host several central services on network for institutional as well as common users.

Total 50+ servers are installed on IIITA network. Servers contain dual XEON processors on INTEL boards with two onboard LAN interfaces of 100/1000 Mbps each. Hard disks used on these servers are hot swapable 10K RPM 320 SCSI of 18 GB space. On one hard disk system is running and other one contains mirror of running system. Servers are equipped with 2-3 GB DDR RAM for better performance.

All the servers are attached with dedicated monitor, keyboard, mouse for easy maintenance during the breakdown.


INDEM maintains 16 TB storage space on two technologies NAS & SAN. 8 TB NAS is running with a dedicated server on RAID 0 and Adaptec fiber channel as back pane. Where as 8 TB IP-SAN is running with IOS and management port/software. iSCSI technology has been implemented on some of the servers to access this IP-SAN for file storage. IP-SAN is running on RAID 6 and hosts 6 volumes of 1 TB each to be mounted on iSCSI initiators as their native file system.

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