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The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.
- Albert Einstein

The campus LAN was set up in the summers of 2003. An expert administrator from IIT Kanpur was consulted initially to layout the network design. The technical experts of IIITA and a student body was instrumental in getting things up and running in a short span of time. The IIITA network is a medium sized network containing about 2000 nodes. These nodes are distributed over the entire campus and span more than 16 buildings. Nodes are wired using switched Ethernet technologies with gigabit OFC backbone. All of them are connected to the Internet and they share the 50 Mbps (1:4) bandwidth available to the institute.

Almost all servers installed in INDEMICA work on Linux platform. The other hosts however, work on various platforms including Linux, Windows, Solaris, BSD, MAC OS X, etc. IIITA is still a nascent institute and is rapidly growing. The number of hosts in the network is expected to rise. It was thus necessary to choose an addressing scheme that provides the flexibility to easily add more hosts to the network. With this point in mind, INDEM assigns class-B IP addresses to internal hosts. Remember that the CIDR address for local class-B networks is 172.16-31.0.0/16.

IIITA is one of the few institutions in India where the Network is being developed and managed by students under guidance of domain experts. The Team members are selected every year through an entrance test followed with an interview (Technical & HR) to get the best aspirants from student fraternity.

INDEM sincerely thanks to the patron, Hon'ble Director for his kind blessings, faith on team members and providing rich resources to carry out research & development activities in-house at the campus.

It is our pleasure that INDEM members have been recruited as System Administrator, Network Administrator, Network Troubleshooter, System Analyst in most of the top companies that are driving the information technology worldwide.

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